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Thread: Doesn't fall asleep during nursing...

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    Default Doesn't fall asleep during nursing...

    I've read that most infants tend to fall asleep during breastfeeding. My son almost never does this. I know that some babies like to use mom as a pacifier, but I don't think my son really does this because I have an oversupply of milk. Pretty much every time he sucks, he's swallowing milk (at least I think he is because of the sounds I hear). I'm just wondering if nursing isn't as "comforting" to him because of my supply issue....

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    my breastmilk has a power drink effect on my lo it seems to give him MORE energy He's over 13 months now and rarely falls to sleep at the breast.

    I'm positive that nursing is just as comforting for your lo as it is for a lo that falls to sleep at the breast

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    My DS is 9.5 months old and rarely fell asleep while nursing, until this past week...Now I haven't been able to put him to sleep unless he nurses. I did prefer when he would just go to sleep on his swing and didn't depend on me.

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