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Thread: Pumping amount questions & spraying milk

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    Default Pumping amount questions & spraying milk

    Hi everyone! I hope someone knows some info about this. My ds is almost 5 mos old and may have a milk protein intolerance issue. I think that I still have oald because he still coughs on me. He also has trouble not being distracted. Anyway I started pumping one day exclusively to see how he did with bottle and see how much I could pump just in case we need to go with form for a couple weeks. He did very well on bottle but I am only pumping between 3-6 oz per session. It also sprays out and just dumps a whole bunch at a time in the bottle. I only can get milk to come out for about 5-7 min and then I have the 2-3 oz on each side. Is this what my ds is dealing with? I also know the pump doesn't work as well as the pump too. Does this sound normal? I have tried laying back and different positions and to no avail. A lc even told me to pump exclusively when he was younger because of reflux and me being emoionally and physically drained. We also had tried everything in the book and advice from this site. Sorry so long and sporadic. I'm trying to figure out if this is something normal and if that's why my little guys tummy hurts on top of other things. I would't be able to keep up with that flow either. Hoping for some input. Thanks everyone!

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    I spray like five streams when I pump. Crazy. I can get five oz if I'm pumping a side she has not used since the last feeding. I was going to ask about the spray thing bc mine seemed crazy fast and strong and seriously five or so streams. My dd is four mos and can keep up with it fine. But when she eats I have two or three streams at let down - or so itseems the times she pulls off without warning and I have to catch the spray in something other than her shirt!
    I'm Melissa, DD (01/12/2009) weaned at a little over 2 1/2 years & DS (08/19/14) still going!

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    op have you tried cutting out cows milk from your diet?
    or soy?
    3-6 oz is great pumping output for a baby that age!

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