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Thread: Not sure what to do

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    Hi Ladies, I want to continue breastfeeding my ds past one year but not sure if I will be able to. My ds is 8 months now and we have been lucky enough not to have any problems breastfeeding. I took a year off of work to stay home with him. I was determined to nurse. I recently started a part time job for extra money and nursing is still going well. I am able to pump just enough to get by when I am away. My problem is what do I do when I return to work full time. My ds nurses every two hours. Will it be ok to nurse just a few times a day after he is one since he will be able to drink milk and start getting nutrition from other sources. I was thinking a nursing session in the morning possible ebm at lunch and a nursing session after work and whenever he needs it at night. Does this seem possible. What do you ladies do?

    Sorry this is a bit long and I hope it makes sense.

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    After a year most babies are fine to just nurse a couple of tmes a day. On the days I worked when he was younger we would nurse in the morning, and how ever many times he wanted before I went to work ( if there was time) then as many times as he wanted when I got home. Now that he is older I don't want to nurse him as often so I sometimes push it off and distract him. He always nurses in the morning when he wakes and a few more times during the day when we are together though. I haven't worked 40hr/wk since I was in my first trimester. He's almost two now

    What you are considering sounds like it will work, many mamas do it.

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    I have been a full time working mom since my son who is now 16 mos was 3 mos old. I pumped twice a day and nursed him over my lunch break until he was about 14 mos. At 14 mos. he was napping over my lunch, and drinking cow's milk at daycare, so I slowly stopped pumping at work (I just pumped for comfort). When I get home from work, he nurses right away and then I nurse him off to sleep before bed. I nurse throughout the night (usually 1-2 times) and right away in the morning before work.

    If you want to continue, know that it is possible! I used to be really concerned about that, as I want my son to nurse as long as he and I want to. We're in it for the long haul!

    For me being a working mom is more of a necessity, not a choice! So, in my opinion, for me, nursing keeps me SANE! I know I get to run home and nurse my son.

    Good luck!
    Still happily my son, Taylen, born 1/6/08.

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