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Thread: Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

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    Unhappy Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

    I never had Mastitus until 2 weeks ago (my son is 12mths old). I had the fever, shakes, body aches, red streaking and the whole deal. I took antibiotics for a week, then had a week of feeling totally back to normal and pain free and here we are again, same thing but without the streaks. I am weaning very slowly and each time I've had it its been the day after I have dropped a feed to try and get down to 2 feeds. I don't know what to do because I know I'm supposed to increase nursing again to feel better but then my body will produce more milk. Now I'm wondering if I should wean at all or stick with these 3 feeds as it seems my body is telling me its not ready! Deep down, I think I'm only weaning because everyone else around me thinks its time, in particular my MIL, husband and Mom (although she's less verbal but I know what she thinks!) Oh and also because my son has a dairy allergy and I've been completly dairy free for almost 11mths and I'd love to have dairy again. Please advise me what I can do to make myself feel better...do cabbage leaves really work?

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    Default Re: Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

    I'm surprised you would be getting mastitis. How is your health in general, are you run down? How often are you waiting until you drop another feed?

    As for your reasons for weaning, I think alot of moms wean because somebody else wants them to... and have regrets about it. If you're going to wean, make sure its what you want. As for being dairy-free, have you tried eating dairy again? Babies sometimes outgrow sensitivities.
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    We have 2 beautiful children: Luana who's 9 y/o, had breastmilk for 2 years and is smart as a whip. Lucas who came out kickin', is 4 y/o and continues to enjoy his milkies.

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    Default Re: Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

    oh, it is so frustrating to get mastitis when you thought you were well past that stage!
    I did get plugged ducts and mastitis a lot during my DD1's second year, and I was not trying to wean. Luckily I always caught it in time and never needed antibiotics. What works for me is to use cold compresses and to nurse a lot, using different positions to help relieved the plugged areas. And to rest a lot. A couple of times I had a fever, but it only lasted one day; had it lasted longer I would have seen the doctor. But with the above measures it was enough to clear it. I did take ibuprofene.
    As for weaning, it sounds like you could benefit from the support of like-minded mums, have you got any LLL group near you?
    When it comes to criticisms, it helps me to remember that it is your body and it is your baby, only you decide.

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    Default Re: Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

    I can only give you personal experience, but I weaned my daughter at 14 months and now that I know the benefits of extended bf wish with all my heart I had continued. i weaned at a year because that's what you are 'supposed' to do and I didn't even consider it for longer. I thought I had nursed her the appropriate amt of time and weaned mainly because in our families, nursing for even a year was dragging it on

    With Bennett, who also had allergies, I nursed him until he weaned at 21/22 months, much to the dismay of the inlaws. But, he is amazingly healthy and no longer has allergies. But, when he wasn't able to have so many foods, my breast milk nourished him.

    So, if you aren't ready to wean and are only doing so because your lo is a year, then I would continue.

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    Default Re: Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

    I agree if your not ready to wean then don't do it..
    the great thing about nursing toddlers... if they are nursing well 3-4 times in 24 hours you don't have to worry about milk suppliments!

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    Default Re: Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

    First of all, there will always be the nay-sayers against those of us who choose to nurse past the age of 1. Most of those people are just not as familiar with the concept themselves, perhaps they never nursed their own babies. It's your body and your child, do what you feel is right for you.

    IMO, 11 months is VERY early to wean! At the age of 1 the infants aren't these huge toddlers no longer needing breastmilk. I know that my own at the age of 1 was nursing a lot still.

    I went through mastitis and had it 2 times in a row. Did you finish up your ABX the first time? I stopped once I felt better and it came back w/ a vengeance. Nursing will help it heal too!

    I hope you consider nursing past the age of 1, you will find a lot of support on these forums and lots of mommas doing the same thing. I found nursing from ages 1-2 very rewarding and special.

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    Default Re: Mastitus twice in a row, questioning weaning...

    I have also struggles with mastitis past the one year mark. I wasn't trying to wean but it just seems to hit me when my little one prefers one breast too much. Sometimes without realizing it I have done two or three nursings on just one side. Are you nursing on both sides or at least rotating sides? Maybe your body is telling you it wants you to nurse a little longer. LOL

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