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Thread: Worried about supply when I start solids...

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    Default Worried about supply when I start solids...

    Hi All,
    I'll be starting solids in about a month. DD will be about 5.5 months to 6 months old when we start.
    I am really worried that my supply will go down. I'm not a big producer to begin with. I only manage to pump 12 oz a day for DC & she already gets supplemented 4 oz of formula per Dr's orders. Little peanut is 4.5 months & only weighs 10 lb. She got sick at 2 weeks old with RSV, lost weight & had slow weight gain. Me getting mastitis 2 weeks later didn't help matters any!
    So anyway, I was just wondering if starting solids has affected anybody's supply & if so what did you all do about it?

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    Default Re: Worried about supply when I start solids...

    so I can't be as detailed as I would like to be

    I didn't find it affected my supply at all, but everyone is different. The important thing is to nurse before offering solid food. You should be nursing (or pumping) just as often as you are now and the solids are kind of like "extras".

    If you're concerned with her weight, have you thought about delaying solids for a while? Breastmilk has more fat and calories then fruits/veggies

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    Default Re: Worried about supply when I start solids...

    Hi Jenn,
    Thanks for your reply. I guess I'll just make breastfeeding my first priority & not worry about the solids so much. I'm not in a real hurry to start. She is my last baby, so I just want her to be a baby for as long as possible, KWIM?
    I think I will start around the 6 month mark, but I'm going to take it very slowly. As I am not so concerned about her weight gain anymore.
    With my first, I didn't pump, I just breastfed in the morning & at night, so this pumping stuff is kind of new to me. I've been working my butt off just to get the 12oz I get & I don't want to mess things up.
    It really kills me that I have to give her 4 oz of formula a day & don't want to give her anymore than that! I would love to cut it out completely, but I don't see it happening. I just have to keep reminding myself that she gets mostly breastmilk!

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