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Thread: Cheese but No Milk

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    Default Cheese but No Milk

    This will probably sound like a stupid question but...

    The info I've seen on introducing solids says not to give your LO any cow's milk until they're at least a year old b/c of the risk of developing allergies but say cheese and yogurt are fine. What gives? I don't want to give milk to K, but I wouldn't let her have any mashed potatoes to try the other night b/c of the milk in them and DH brought up the fact that she has cheese. I told him I'd "look into it" ,which meant ask you ladies
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    I've always wondered this myself. Maybe it has to do with quantities - that small quantities are OK, but the larger amounts of milk a baby is likely to get if they're given cow's milk might replace the breastmilk, which would be bad. But that's just a best guess. Maybe someone else has a more authoritative answer.

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    Here's a link that answers the exact questions you ladies have:


    My DD has had major reflux issues since she was about 3 weeks and though they have gotten better with time (she's now 15m) it's still hard for her to break down the protein in cow's milk so we don't do cow's milk but we do LOTS and I mean LOTS of cheese (she loves it ) and yogurt.
    I do add a Little Bit of milk to her oatmeal as well as her pasta and mashed potatoes, but since it's in limited quantities it's ok (we started doing this a little before her 1st birthday)

    Hope this helps!
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    Yogurt and Cheese have cultures (healthy bacteria) that break down some of the more complex parts of milk into simpler molecules. I've read that some really sensitive kids still have problems with them, but for most cheese and yogurt work earlier. I don't know how old your little one is, but I think the recommendation was something like 9mo for yogurt/cheese.

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