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Thread: Supply around 6.5 months falling?

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    Default Supply around 6.5 months falling?

    We did recently add more solids - veggies, and a "lunch" time feeding. My milk supply decreased A LOT over the course of just a few days, and I am worried. I get up in the middle of the night to pump, and I am not getting as much then, either. I normally pump at work 3 times a day (about every three hours). Today, I am shooting for every 2 to 2.5 hours, and I started taking my More Milk Plus, drinking the tea, and ate oatmeal this AM.

    When can I expect to see a change in supply?
    Does a change in supply usually happen around this time, and is it possible to boost it up again?

    Granted, at daycare yesterday, she did only have about 12 ounces and DH brought one of her bottles home...including the night pumping, today I have pumped only around 10 ounces...I do have a couple more pumpings today though...

    How much milk should she be getting in a 24 hour period?

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    Default Re: Supply around 6.5 months falling?

    I hope this link can help answer some of your questions:


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    Default Re: Supply around 6.5 months falling?

    You might also find this link helpful, with a milk calculator for figuring out how much expressed milk your baby might need:

    How much expressed milk will my baby need?

    And this one talks about a decreased pumping output:

    What can cause a decrease in pumping output?

    It could be that your supply is just now regulating itself to meet your baby's needs too. Mine did that pretty late in the game ... I woke up one morning and my breasts felt just completely empty (after battling oversupply for so long this was a huge shock to me). But baby has been fine and satisfied, my body just finally realized it didn't need to be making so much milk. Most women experience this closer to the 3 month mark, but every woman is different. You can read more about that here: Normal Physical Changes in the Breasts and here: My breasts feel empty! Has my milk supply decreased?


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    Default Re: Supply around 6.5 months falling?

    I am a regular pumper too (3x a day during the work week) and I notice definite fluctuations in my supply. I think it really started at about 5 months, and it happened monthly...I think it has to do with my cycle, which then started back up this month. I always get really worried because I start to deplete my freezer stash and then I have a week like this one where I overproduce and can restock. Sorry I don't have the answer, just an example!!

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    Default Re: Supply around 6.5 months falling?

    Excellent. thank you for the responses and the links!!!

    According to the calculator, if she nurses around 6 times a day, then she's getting some where between 3 and 5 ounces while nursing. At day care, she drinks 6 ounce bottles, but during pumping I can get anywhere between 3 and 5 ounces.

    I guess I just keep trying to pump the number of bottles that she eats - if she eats 3, I want to pump 3. However, I do take into account that sometimes we bring home a bottle that she didn't eat while at daycare.

    Thanks again!!! I will continue to try and do stuff to boost my supply.

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