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Thread: We made it to 1 yr! Now what?

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    Default We made it to 1 yr! Now what?

    My son will be 12 mos old in a few weeks and is still nursing. That was my initial goal. Now I'm toying w/ weaning him and DH has never been real supportive of BF anyway and wants me to wean DS ASAP. But I'm not sure if DS or I are ready yet.

    I have the What to Expect the Toddler Years book and when the question of nursing past 1 yr is raised, it just highlights negative consequences of nursing a toddler. Aren't there some negative effects of weaning a baby that isn't ready to be weaned? My son still nurses 6 times in 24 hrs period and seems to be very into it. What are some benefits of nursing past 1 yr?

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    Default Re: We made it to 1 yr! Now what?

    Welcome! There are many benefits to continuing to nurse your 1+ year old. Of course many of the the benefits that infants receive continue (your milk doesn't suddenly change on your baby's 1st b-day ). For example your toddler will continue receiving your antibodies, protecting your son from illnesses that you might come into contact with. And breastmilk is still one of the most nutritious substances you can give him, growing even more concentrated as your child grows with healthy fats and calories and perfectly supplementing the solid food diet of those ever so picky toddlers. I was grateful on many occasions that my daughter was still getting my milk because she'd randomly decide she didn't want to eat entire food groups.

    It's also good for your health, protecting you from a number of different kinds of cancer and osteoporosis.

    And that doesn't even begin to cover the usefulness of breastfeeding in calming a scared, hurt, or lonely child.

    Here's a great article with lots of links and research-based facts about the benefits of nursing a toddler.

    Even if you do decide to wean, your husband needs to know that weaning takes a long time. You don't just stop breastfeeding. That can have some seriously negative effects on your health and your toddler's well-being. But also, your toddler is coming into an age where you can start placing limits on nursing and perhaps knowing that will help your husband be more accepting of you continuing your nursing relationship.

    Some great books that you might find helpful are Mothering your Nursing Toddler or How Weaning Happens.
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    Default Re: We made it to 1 yr! Now what?

    When your baby turns 1 keep in mind they don't goto sleep that night as infants and wake up the next day as these huge toddlers who no longer need a mother's milk.

    I struggled so much nursing up until the age of 1, and I found nursing between the ages of 1-2 SO much more enjoyable. At 12 months the pattern won't change too much from where you are now. Once you get closer to 2 the nursing becomes mostly for comfort.

    Congrats on making it a year!

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