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    I just finished reading an artical on nursing manners but there are a few questions i have.
    My dd loves to hold both breast in each and, while nusing to sleep she's pull/push one or the other so that she's alternating between each breast. I've tried wearing something that will cover me when nursing her to sleep but she'll throw this massive fit and will not settle for bed until she can have both breast. It's just started to do this (since she's developed croup and couldn't stay latched for a very long time because of breathing difficulties) however once the croup is gone and the behaviour continues should i just kind of tell her no we nurse of one breast first then the other?? What have you other mom's done? I've tried the nursing necklace but it's too distracting to settle down at bed time.
    The other thing is it's starting to get warm here in southwestern ontario and the other day i was wearing a v-neck shirt. Everytime she came near me she through a fit because she wanted to suckel (as she just nused half an hour before) i kept trying to discourage her and distract her from her toys but everytime she looked at me and saw the top of my breast she started digging in my shirt. She's under 18 months (13 months right now) and i'm trying to think of some ways to deal with this.
    In the tub she does the same thing. I've kinda let her nurse in the tub whenever she wants but now it's getting to the point we don't play because she see's my breast and spends the majority of tub time nursing. Again if i say no it's it's not time to nurse she throws this huge fit and begs in her baby talk (that what it sounds like to me) to have them with her arms outstreached. It's been 4 months will she ever tire of this??
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    I think you stop the behaviors you are uncomfortable with. If the nighttime routine doesn't bother you, then I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

    I taught my DS the sign for milk right around the time he started groping me in public.

    She is still really young, but be consistant in distracting her from the behaviors you want to stop.

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    I agree with pp. There aren't really a set list of acceptable or unacceptable manners. You can encourage manners that you like and discourage those you don't.

    as for discouraging, I find distraction the easiest way. And being consistent - very consistent.

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    I suggest putting up the v-neck for a while. When my little guy can see breasts, there is no distracting him. The bath is going to be tough, in that situation I think I would either let him nurse or not get in the bathtub with him. I agree with other moms. If a behavior bothers you, say no. If she doesn't like it that's okay, but you are the mom and you can set the rules. In time she'll learn to live with them. If a behavior doesn't bother you, don't worry about it.
    Good luck.

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    Well, when I put my son in the bath tub, I only nurse if I sit with him but, normally, I shower and he sits in the tub with toys. While I'm showering my boobs, while visible, are not in his reach so he kind of knows he can't nurse..although he wil ask once in a while.
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