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Thread: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

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    Default Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    Just wondering if anyone can help me. I've been nursing DD since she was born and she has never had any other type of milk. She is now 22 months and I had intended to continue nursing until at least 3, when I assume I will return to work. Her father (my ex) is critical of this, complaining that this cannot provide enough nourishment for her (obviously she eats solids also). Does anybody know if I should be supplimenting her BM with formula or cow's milk? She does feed a lot during the day and frequently at night. I'd rather not add these to her diet if BM is sufficient.

    Thank you x

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    Default Re: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    If I recall correctly, there is no reason to supplement with CM so long as your toddler is nursing 3-4 times a day. And even if she isn't, you don't have to offer CM, as a child can get the calcium and fat that comes in milk from other dietary sources, including yogurt, cheese, leafy greens, beans, peas, broccoli, salmon, etc.

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    Default Re: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    I agree with PP ...they should get enough from other foods but if you are interested in adding some milk you can also try other types of milk such as Almond milk or rice milk. I asked my ped because I wanted to introduce a little milk to some cereal every once in a while and he suggested those instead of CM (DD is 15m). So far she likes the Almond. I don't give her a lot just maybe once or twice a week with some whole cereal.
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    Default Re: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    Cow's milk is totally not necessary, not to mention that some studies have linked the introduction of cow's milk to the development of type 1 diabetes!! Some doctors believe that even a 1 year old who is not breastfeeding does not need cow's milk and can get what they need from a balanced diet of solids. Tell your ex to think for 1 minute. Does the mother cow worry that her baby cow needs human milk? Your milk is perfect and is exactly what she needs! Like pp said, there are plenty of sources of calcium out there, including your own breastmilk!!


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    o 43% of protein requirements
    o 36% of calcium requirements
    o 75% of vitamin A requirements
    o 76% of folate requirements
    o 94% of vitamin B12 requirements
    o 60% of vitamin C requirements
    -- Dewey 2001
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    Smile Re: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    Thanks everyone. I had hoped DD was getting enough as she feeds at least 5 times a day and through the night. I really don't want to give cow's milk as a drink as I feel it's too salty. I like the idea of almond or rice milk for when the time comes!

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    Default Re: Must I suppliment BM with CM for 2yr old?

    My four kids are newborn - 10 and none of them drink cow's milk [neither do I] and everyone is healthier than average. My Dr has no issue with it either. Although I don't think it's harmful in small doses, the idea of cow's milk for people just seems weird to me :s

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