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Thread: Each breast have it's own personality?

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    Default Each breast have it's own personality?

    I find that I am EP for hopefully a short while while we get some things straightened out. My left breast provides 2.5-2.75 ounces. My right produces 1-1.25 ounces. I have been EP for 2 days every 2-5 hours. Will the right pick up production after being pumped beyond empty for such a long time with the dual pump? So far no evening out. While I read again and again that size of fatty tissue has nothing to do with supply, my right is markedly smaller than the left...a possible factor?

    Anybody else have such disparity?

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    Default Re: Each breast have it's own personality?

    It's normal to get different amounts from each breast. It may be the milk production, or it may be the pump. Sometimes it evens up (if you end up pumping for a long time) but often it doesn't. I pumped occasionally in the beginning to establish a freezer stash and I could get 5 oz out of my left side and only 0.5 out of my right The right still filled ds up though, so I assume that it wasn't that big of a difference when he was actually nursing.

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    Default Re: Each breast have it's own personality?

    Righty's always been the over-achiever here.

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    Default Re: Each breast have it's own personality?

    When I pumped, my left one always produced quite a bit less than my right.

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    Same here. We are not symmetrical in any other way, so totally makes sense!

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    Default Re: Each breast have it's own personality?

    I too have noticed that my left breast produces about 1/4 less than my right and now looks slightly larger than it's counterpart. I was thinking that maybe it was due to the fact that i've had breast augumentation surgery and that might have effected it. Should i offer that breast first and then pump what's left in hopes of increasing it's supply?

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