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Thread: storing baby food

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    Question storing baby food

    Sometimes I am sure there are previous threads covering my questions, but to look for them is such a hassle. I can't find the info I need on google ...

    I made my first baby puree yesterday - carrots. I am doing BLS, so I just spooned some onto her tray and let her "play". I put the rest into a jar in the fridge, and did the same thing today. It is over 24 hours so it won't be good for much longer in the fridge. I don't eat leftovers after 48 hours as it loses nutrients & vitality. I have read that it is good to freeze baby food in ice trays... this might be o.k. in very hot (over 90) weather. I have found that eating and drinking cold foods causes unease in my nervous system. Therefore I want to give B only warm, room temp, or just "a little cold" food. What is the solution? Maybe I could take out one ice cube & heat it on the stove? Do you think this will keep high nutrients inside the food?

    What are some great online resources for making & storing baby food? TIA
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    Default Re: storing baby food

    Hi there. Getting started with solids can be fun and daunting. I want to point out, though, that if you are pureeing your baby's food, that is not BLS. BLS is a method which introduces babies to chunks of solid food....the size of a french fry is the standard I think. I did BLS with DD2 and her first food was a whole banana. What a sight that was!

    I did homemade purees with DD1.

    They are both wonderful eaters, the little one didn't have much interest in purees and the big one didn't have much interest in anything that wasn't completely pulverized!

    When I made purees, I would make a large batch, freeze a couple ice trays of it and leave some in the fridge to eat over the next couple of days. I really felt better freezing what we wouldn't use right away.

    The site has lots of great info.


    ETA: for thawing and re-heating....a steamer basket works great and fast. I would drop the cubes into a glass measuring cup and set it inside the steamer.
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    Default Re: storing baby food

    I freeze the food in ice cube trays and when I need one, I'll take it out, put it in a little bowl and the bowl inside a cup or bigger bowl of hot water. I'll help it along by breaking it up with a fork and adding hotter water constantly. It warms up pretty quick.

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    Default Re: storing baby food

    Wow, thanks so much. That's what I needed to know (steamer).
    To me it makes sense that this would be BLS too:
    (I'll make a list because I love them)

    1. Letting her eat what/how much she wants
    2. choice between "hand held pieces" & "pureed mush"
    3. no pressure

    It fits the term "baby led solids" Oh WELL!
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