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Thread: how much food is too much?

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    Default how much food is too much?

    My 11-mo DS eats 3-4x/day and can eat 1/4 cup of food or more per sitting. Is this too much?!

    He eats a nice mix of fruit, veggies, grains, beans, and meat. He still nurses frequently (about every 2 hours, day and night). He's always been in the lower percentiles for weight (started in the 10th, went up to 25th, then back down to 10th), so I've always worried about his weight gain. When he went in for a shot at 10.5 mo I had him weighed and he was down closer to the 5th percentile. So I have been going back and forth about whether I am doing something wrong with the solids/nursing balance????

    As long as he is still nursing so often, it doesn't seem that the solids are causing him to want less milk... but then, it's always so hard to know how much milk he's actually getting. I would never limit his milk intake, but it seems almost as crazy to limit his solids intake when I am so worried about his weight. He used to push the spoon away when he didn't want more food, but now he keeps going and going... I am usually the one that stops (if we get to around 1/2 cup). It just seems like a LOT of food for a baby his age! It would be easier if we could do BLS, but he has self-feeding issues (won't bring food to his mouth; we're working with a therapist on this).

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    Default Re: how much food is too much?

    Do you generally nurse before meals? if so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Has he recently gotten more mobile? Walking or crawling? That can cause a dip in the growth rate.

    ETA: You could also focus on higher fat/calorie foods like avacado, sweet potato, etc.
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