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Thread: Straw Cups?

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    I had a set of theese that lasted for all four kids.
    They don't have a valuve to clean.

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    We have Nuby flip and sips (taller w/out the handles) and some Take N Toss straw cups. The TNT versions have hard straws and are not spill proof but they aren't too messy especially w/ water. The Nuby ones have 3 parts to the straw so a little more work to clean but I find a pipe cleaner works great to clean them out.

    ETA: both the TNT and Nuby are BPA free
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    No the Nuby ones where great! It was the take and toss ones that have a straw you insert into the lid, and they are very hard plastic. I wouldn't use them again after he hurt his mouth. I loved the Nuby ones!!!
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