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Thread: Maternity Leave?

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    I live in the UK & felt really bad about having to leave my baby boy after 6 months...! that was before I read this thread... Obviously now I feel extremely grateful for the time I have had..! It has been a tight couple of months but totally worth it!
    I get 6 weeks at 90% & then up to the 9th month on SMP (as per pp)... the last 3 months of that year you can take unpaid but still return to your job safe & sound

    we can only afford up to month 6 on the govt allowance ... which I was moaning about just recently ( again.. until now! ) so I will b back at work in January 2011...

    That said, HATS OFF to all/most ladies here for being so great & determined to give their babies the BEST of BF ..!

    from now on I will only be grateful for what I've had ..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*joelC View Post
    That sounds pretty good. It is really women's right to benefit from a maternity leave. The European Union have also come across to a plan of 20 weeks maternity leave with full pay to working women. Don't you think it's great idea? Working woman should be given the chance to have a leave from work to completely recover from delivery and have a bond with her child. I think every country should exercise a better plan from working women, just like what the EU is doing.

    I think it's a great idea. I'm also a soon-to-be mom and I would love to spend a long time with my baby after I gave birth so I'm considering a leave from work. My employer on the other hand, should pay me while on maternity leave until its over. It's in the law. I would sue them if they'll not abide to that.lol

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