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Thread: Maternity Leave?

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    I live in quebec, Canada. Here we het 32 weeks at 70% and 18 weeks at 55% of your gross. Moreover, DH gets 5 weeks at 70%.

    and finally, because I am a federal employee, my union gives me the rest, up to 93% of my gross salary for 52 weeks.

    so basically, it's 70% from quebec, then 23% from the union for the first weeks and then 55% / 38%

    they really want us to make babies here!
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    I took a total of 14 weeks off.
    6 wks was disability (60% of salary)
    2 wks was vacation
    and the rest was unpaid.
    We saved up for quite a while so that I would be able to take the entire summer off. I wish it was longer
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    No paid leave of any kind - we don't have vacation or sick days I could use either. Took off over two months, completely unpaid, then came back part time and ramped up the hours over another couple of months. Sucks about not having any paid vacation ever, but at least I do get to bring my baby to work for right now.

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    I'm on maternity leave right now and I get 4 weeks before and 6 weeks after (8 weeks for c-section) disability. This is all paid at 60% and my employer kicks in another 20%. Then I get paid family leave for an additional 6 six weeks paid at 60% of my pay. This is for bonding with your child and it can be taken up to 12 months after the baby is born. My husband can also take this in addition to me taking it. And all 16 weeks are job protected and none of my sick/vac time is used. BTW, I live in New Jersey.

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    Here in NY, FMLA is unpaid but 12 weeks...
    So, I used my SK/VC pay in conjunction with that and used another week on VC ...
    So I was out from 10/06/08 - sometime early Feb...
    I wish we had paid leave....

    We've made it 1 YEAR

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    That sounds pretty good. It is really women's right to benefit from a maternity leave. The European Union have also come across to a plan of 20 weeks maternity leave with full pay to working women. Don't you think it's great idea? Working woman should be given the chance to have a leave from work to completely recover from delivery and have a bond with her child. I think every country should exercise a better plan from working women, just like what the EU is doing.
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    Wow, y'all make me grateful for my private benefits. My firm gave me 12 weeks paid. I could have taken another 4 weeks or more unpaid, but I'm the breadwinner, and we have a mortgage, so I went back around 13 weeks. I am a lawyer and have billable hours - I didn't make my (pro-rated) hours the first year, but came out about 50 hours (one week and a bit) short, but they let that slide too. It was hard work, don't get me wrong, but I only went unpaid for a few days, and I never worried about losing my job. I guess there are good things about my job. (Part of reason I didn't make my hours that year was actually because of taking time off before my due date - I worked part time in my 9th month.) I think this did some harm to my career, but I never worried about paying my bills.
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    I am currently on maternity leave and live in California. I am taking 16 weeks. 4 weeks unpaid, 6 weeks of disability pay and then 6 weeks paid family leave. Both are approx. 60% of my gross income. I will owe state and federal income taxes on this pay come tax time which will hopefully be offset by the added dependent deduction . DH also plans to take family leave later this year. He is allowed to take up to 6 weeks total during the 12 months after the birth to allow for "family bonding."

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    I was off for 10.5 weeks and was paid for 8 of them. I was actually out of work for 11 weeks; I wound up on bedrest 5 days before I was induced at 39 weeks due to preeclampsia.

    My company gives very generous sick time (I had 9 weeks' worth this year) and you're allowed to take sick pay at 100% of salary for the time you're on short term disability (which is at 60% if you don't have sick time left). So I had 6 weeks of sick pay for my short term disability. My company also allows you to use up to 80 hours of sick time (2 work weeks for me) as dependent care days. I had 8 weeks of sick time left when I had DD, and I used every last hour of it.

    I took one pay period (the first half of October) off without pay using FMLA. We just couldn't afford any longer than that; I earn more than my husband. My company makes FMLA concurrent with short term disability; I would not be allowed to take my 6 weeks of disability and 2 weeks of dependent care days, followed by 16 weeks of unpaid FMLA leave - it's up to 16 weeks total.

    Connecticut allows 16 weeks of FMLA but there's no provision for it to be paid leave. It also takes 24 months before I'll be eligible for 16 weeks again which is a consideration for when we'll try for baby #2. It's unfortunate but that's how life is...I'm thankful I had those 8 weeks of paid time and that we could afford another 2.5 weeks unpaid.
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    Canadian here too! 15 weeks maternaty, 35 weeks parental and I also had 9 weeks sick leave before ds2 was born. I took 12 weeks sick leave before ds1 was born and then the 15 and 35 weeks. In BC you get 55% of your income. The pecentage that you get varys by unemployment rates in your region.
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