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Thread: 10 mo. old refusing to nurse - likes solids more

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    Unhappy 10 mo. old refusing to nurse - likes solids more

    My 10 mo. old is refusing to nurse because she's so active. She LOVES solids! She'll nurse when I drop her off at daycare, she gets a 6 oz. bottle, then she nurses when I pick her up, before bed - and I have been feeding her in her sleep twice at night to keep up my supply. Lately, she's been refusing her morning and evening feeding??? I can't pump anymore - and I haven't been giving her any supplements except her food....poopy and wet diapers are fine, but I'm still concerned. any thoughts?

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    Default Re: 10 mo. old refusing to nurse - likes solids more

    I think that at 10 months they really need the either breastmilk or formula to meet all of their nutritional needs. If you really can't pump anymore and the baby won't nurse, you should probably give her more formula, of course continuing to offer the breast as often as you can. I think 3 bottles a day at 10 months is supposed to be adequate for non nursing babies.
    Sorry to hear that his bfing has tapered off so early. Maybe it is just a strike and he'll start up again if you keep offering.
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    Default Re: 10 mo. old refusing to nurse - likes solids more

    If her wets are still good then I'd hold the phones for now. Keep offering. Maybe take up cosleeping if you don't already, just to try and get a couple more drowsy feeds into her. This too shall pass Mama. Hang in there!

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