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Thread: 8 month old feeding schedule...

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    Question 8 month old feeding schedule...

    I am trying to see what other people are feeding their babies around 8 months old. I am thinking maybe it is time to start adding other foods beside baby food but I'm not sure. Here is my baby girls schedule...

    5-6 am: nurse

    8-9 am: nurses about 9:30 then 3 tbls rice cereal mixed with 2 oz of formula and a stage 2 fruit.

    10-11 am: nap time

    12:30 -1 pm: nurse and a stage 2 fruit or veg

    3:30 - 4: nurse (sometimes not always)

    5:30 - 6: nurse and then 4 tbls oatmeal cereal mixed with 3 oz formula and a stage 2 veg

    8:30 - 9:00 nurses once more and to bed she goes!

    Thanks for any input you can give!

    I was thinking about maybe in the morning doing the cereal and yobaby yogurt rather than the fruit. I have also been thinking about adding the dinners in a jar by beech nut for dinner but I'm not sure how to go about that. If I add that would I drop the cereal at night?

    Thanks again!

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    At 8 mos your baby could probably deal with finger foods if you wanted to try them. I did baby-led solids so I never gave cereal and very little purees in the beginning so by 8 mos I was pretty much giving dd whatever I was eating (with some exceptions).

    Yogurt is a good choice, though yobaby has a lot of sugar in it. We gave plain whole milk yogurt with frozen fruits blended in around 8 mos and she seemed to enjoy it.
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    Default Re: 8 month old feeding schedule...

    That sounds like quite a lot of solid food for an 8 month old. As much as Gerber would like you to believe otherwise, breastmilk (or formula, I guess) should be the primary source of nutrition for the first year. The more solids she gets, the less room she has for mama's best. I agree with pp, though, you can try some finger foods or different types of foods, but I wouldn't increase the amount or frequency of solids.
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    I don't know about stages and all that b/c I've been making my own baby food, but I would suggest thinking about what your goals are generally and what's appropriate for your baby specifically. For example, my DS seemed to have texture issues at first, so we added in different foods that would give him gradual but consistent exposure to multiple textures. (Since then, I've figured out it's more of a taste issue than a texture one - he doesn't like bland foods!) I've always been concerned about his weight b/c he is at a low percentile, so we do lots of avocado. He also has issues with self-feeding (he won't bring food to his mouth), so we started working in finger foods. I know these issues may not apply to your situation, but I just wanted to point out that it helps to think about what your baby in particular might need. If everything is just humming along, then I would agree with pp that finger foods are a good next step, and keep trying both tastes and textures.

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    It is almost like you wrote out my 7 mos almost eight mos schedule. He eats more finger foods though. He likes yogart and cottage cheese too. We just try to give him a little variety. I chop up fruits and veggies, and also give him gerber. He BF or gets a bottle a total of five - six times per day and eats three meals per day He probably drinks about 25-30 ounces. He seems to be growing ok, he has always been on the lower side for weight, doc says because he is active

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