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Thread: Milk leaking from areola?

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    Default Milk leaking from areola?

    I am wondering if it is normal to have milk leak from some spots on the areola. I had an abscess surgically removed from one of my breast in 2002 and I have noticed now that when I am full or pumping that I will have leaking on the edge of the scar which sits at the outer edge of my areola. Is it normal to have leakage outside of the nipple, or is this likely related to the scar?

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    I'm sure it's related to the scar, that is very common to have leakage from something like that.

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    I get a little milk on my areola on the right side. No scarring here. I'm sure it's normal and nothing to worry about.

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    Your surgery may have caused a milk duct to "reroute" and open on the areola instead of on the nipple. However, some moms who have never had surgery have milk ducts that naturally open on the areola. I don't know if there's a way to tell which situation you are experiencing. and

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    Thank guys. I guess it will remain a mystery. I just need to cover it with my nursing pad while pumping so I don't get too messy.

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