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Thread: Milk Shortage Please Help!

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    Question Milk Shortage Please Help!


    This is my second week back to work. I have a 7 week old. I am using a pump at work but only have a few opportunities to pump at work that are 3-4 hours apart. I am gone from home for 10 hours and I nurse on demand when I am at home. During the day I am only pumping 10 ounces consistently. At home my baby is eating about 15oz. of stored milk in the same time frame. He has been doing this for the past week and is using up all the frozen milk I worked so hard to save while I was at home! I am worried about what I will do when the frozen milk runs out and I am only bringing home 10 oz. each day. What can I do to up my milk supply and avoid supplementing formula?

    Thank you!

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    Hi and

    I can't try and tell you what I did when I came back to work...
    I returned to work when DS was 4 months old so that is a big difference.
    Your LO is really young and your supply can be affected if you don't stimulate often. Remember babies should be eating between 10-12 times per 24hr period. Now for your LO to go through 15oz. when you're away actually sounds like a lot...see this
    and maybe it will help calculate how much your LO should be feeding.

    I also started on a herbal regiment of fenugreek and blessed thistle. Fenugreek helps with supply and blessed thistle with let-down so the combo has helped me tremendously. I take 3 each / 3X daily.

    But the most important thing is stimulation. DS is now 6 months old...I pump for him 3 times in a 9 hour period. You need to try to pump as much as possible, even it if it's not for 20mins, I would try to pump more often and you can also pump after feedings at home with LO.

    DS usually eats 6oz. at each feeding. He will feed 2-3 times while I'm at work. Usually I produce between 14-16oz. so I don't cover a full 3 feedings - so I go home, feed DS and then pump the rest and it usually will finish off the third feeding and I freeze them all...You might also need to start overnight pumping sessions if your LO sleeps a bit throughout the night.
    Pumping can also be done in your car to/from work I do it often!

    And DO NOT STRESS OVER YOUR OUTPUT. The more you worry, the less you produce...It all works itself...HTH!!!

    We're here for you and I'm sure other mommies here have other great suggestions to offer....

    ps - are you from Brooklyn?!???
    If so, we're neighbors!!!!

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