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Thread: how long do you pump for?

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    Default how long do you pump for?

    Sorry if this is a silly question: but when (what age) do you stop pumping? I need to think of replacing the noon, naptime/predinner feeding....

    The reason I ask is I'm returning to work when son is 11 months old--and I bought a medela pump ($340)...and wondering if I should return it (ie. will I get my money's worth?). To rent is about $75/month...so would be more economical if I'm only going to pump for 1-4 months

    Thank you

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    Default Re: how long do you pump for?

    Not a silly question.

    One thing to think about is how easy your milk pumps. Maybe you can do with a less expensive/less effective pump.

    I worked full time when my DS was that age - usually 4 ten hour days. By that time, I was pumping a bit less (2 x in 10 hours). By 13-14 months I was only pumping 1x/ day and sometimes not even that.

    I had a Pump In Style (we pumped exclusively for 6 weeks) and a smaller battery pump (used for time away from electicity - 3-7 times a week). If I was going to buy my first pump when baby was 11 months - I would go for the cheaper one.

    But, if you are thinking of having another child then a more powerful pump could be worth it.

    And, when you go back to work, know that the first 2-3 weeks may be hard (hard on you more so than baby). Go easy on yourself.

    DS nursed till he was 2 1/2.
    He can now ski faster than me.
    He can almost run faster than me.
    He is playing music loud, "turn that down!"
    He is reading Lord of the Rings.
    He is wonderful !

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