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Thread: i'm ready to wean my 17 month old... help!!!

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    Default i'm ready to wean my 17 month old... help!!!

    Hi, it's been awhile since i posted here, but i need help weaning my little one, she is breastfeed any time that she ask for her "chi-chi", i give it to her especially if we are at home, i dont know why but for the past month she keeps asking for more, more often, i mean before she would breastfeed when she woke up, about three times during the day, mainly for nap time and then to go to sleep, but now she wants it all the time!!!! i can put her down for nap with out breastfeeding but not with out her throwing a fit and giving me that sad puppy look which melts my heart and i want to give in but i know i cant i tell her that she is a big girl now and that no more "chi-chi" for her and she just crys... what can i do to make this easier on her? she doesnt like to take whole milk out of a sippy cup or bottle, some times it seems she is not intrested in those things but she does drink it a little out of a regular cup... i dont know what else to do, any advice will be appreciated....

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    Default Re: i'm ready to wean my 17 month old... help!!!

    Have you tried distracting her with other things- it could be an activity, a favorite snack, a drink of something else. I found that when I was trying to reduce my daughter's nursing frequency, if I distracted her before she asked it worked best. So I started doing things like bringing her to the park after I got off work instead of going home, where I knew she would want to nurse immediately.

    For naps, you could try nursing for a set amount of time. I stopped nursing DD to bed by telling her she could have milk while I was singing "Twinkle Twinkle" and that I'd sing it 3 times and then no more milk. Then between each repitition I'd remind her- 2 more times and no more milk (and so on). Then when I unlatched her after the 3rd time she knew it was coming. She still got upset sometimes, but it wasn't a surprise to her and after a few times she started letting go on her own when I finished singing. Then you can slowly reduce the # of times you sing the song until she's no longer nursing before naps.

    I've found that for nursing- and all kinds of other things, my daughter is much more receptive to things she doesn't like if she knows it's coming. It gives her time to prepare and avoids a lot of tantrums.
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    Default Re: i'm ready to wean my 17 month old... help!!!

    i have, when i see that she is ready to aks for it, i ask her if she wants to eat something and i give her a snack, some times it help but other times she doesnt want to hear it. i try playing with her, reading a book... well i been reading some post on what worked for some of you so i am going to try them out...

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    Default Re: i'm ready to wean my 17 month old... help!!!

    Going outside always worked to distract my daughter!

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