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Thread: Banana Chips!!!

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    Default Banana Chips!!!

    Yep, I have found that banana's and especially banana chips are making a HUGE difference in my supply! At night, I feed Ryan on one side and pump the other side in the morning. Normally, I get anywhere between 4-6 oz from the side I pump, plus enough to feed him after I pump(depending on the last time he fed from that side before bed). But if I eat a banana or banana chips (probaly because I eat more of them than I do of a regular banana) before I go to bed or especially if I eat some in the middle of the night while I am up with him, I will pump 8 - 9 oz!! from just the one boob!! I am always amazed at the difference and I have found bananas/banana chips to be the trigger.

    Anyone else ever noticed this? Or am I and my body just wierd??

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*henrys.mama View Post
    Anyone else ever noticed this? Or am I and my body just wierd??
    Nope...but I"m sure gonna give it a try!

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    Default Re: Banana Chips!!!

    Oh, yum! I love bananas! I might have to try eating them regularly. Sure beats remembering to take fenugreek.

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    I think there is something to this banana thing.... I tried it along with oatmeal and was getting a definite boost over the last few days. I forgot to eat my banana this morning and my supply was back down again, so I think it was the banana not the oatmeal that was doing the trick. Thanks for the tip!
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    I banana chips.

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    I cannot wait to try this! My supply has been seemingly low - it's great in the morning, but dwindles throughout the day to practically nothing. (When I pump both breasts when they are 'engorged' I get about 2-4 ounces. And that's it. I don't know if that is normal for a 6 week old baby, he is gaining weight - but feeding constantly especially when my supply seems low.)

    I spend about 10-14 hours a day feeding, and the only way I get a break is when we go for a car ride or put him in the swing - both keep him sleeping as long as they are moving.

    Thank you so much for the banana/chips suggestion! (*hopeful*)

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    YIppe! Going to Publix after work! Can't hurt to try.
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