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Thread: Almost 6 mos and started cereal

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    Default Almost 6 mos and started cereal

    I'm new to this but my concern is...I am feeding my baby boy cereal twice a day (once at daycare and once at home for dinner). I think his breastmilk consumption may have decreased. I read something that says babies need 32 oz of breastmilk per day at this age, is that true? He really loves the cereal and I think he would eat more than I give him....he still has 4-5 feedings of milk...does this sound normal?

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    WOW 10-12? Hmm, well, what if I have already started feeding him rice cereal (with breastmilk) twice a day, once in the a.m. and once at dinner (he always eats all of it), is this bad....do I need to change this? I also have given him a bite or two of baby food green beans (which he seems to dislike very much) I appreciate your reply.

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