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Thread: DD's teeth are hurting me!!!

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    Default DD's teeth are hurting me!!!

    DD is 1 year and has 4 teeth, 2 top and 2 bottom and man do they hurt when we nurse. She isn't a biter (thank GAWD) but I can still feel the teeth while she nurses and it is incrediably uncomfortable. Anything I can do about it or do I jsut need to get used to it? TIA.
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    Default Re: DD's teeth are hurting me!!!

    I can relate. Although my DD has only “nipped” at me a few times (nothing serious), sometimes her 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom) are a little uncomfortable on my breast.
    While suckling, a baby’s bottom teeth should not be in contact with mom’s breast because the bb’s tongue is covering them.
    One thing that has helped me a bit was to adjust DD’s latch to make her open her mouth wider.


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    Default Re: DD's teeth are hurting me!!!

    It's the top teeth that caused the problems for me, and I got a few tips that really helped: firstly, make sure your DD's bottom is pulled in close to your body while she nurses, that will take the pressure off her top teeth; secondly, be really scrupulous about checking her latch - if it hurts, unlatch her and start again, lots of older babies/toddlers can get very lazy about their latch; thirdly, nursing lying down can also take pressure off the top teeth.
    Hopefully you won't have to worry about it for long because your DD will learn to adjust her latch (if you are persistent and consistent about correcting it every time) and you will be able to relax again. That was my experience anyway. I'm lucky now as my DD is 3yo so if she doesn't latch on quite right I can just ask her to come off and try again, and she usually co-operates - much easier!

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