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    Hi all! I know many of you struggle with finding good places to pump. I'm truly not trying to brag, but I used my work's lactation station today, and it was great. They just built a new building, and there is a room for nursing or pumping. It's got outlets, a phone, a sink, magazines, little wipes, a computer comfortable chairs. All for nursing moms!! The light is nice, it has a privacy lock, it's just great.

    I know so many of us work so hard to pump. I just wanted all of you who struggle to know that the world is catching up with us, and that in some places, a pumping station isn't some dusty dirty closet. Keep up your hard work, if we keep doing this, maybe more change like this will happen.

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    How cool.

    We just keep doing it and it will be "back to normal".

    That is great! Thanks for sharing.

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    *insert jealous smiley here*

    Really, though, that is too, too cool!!
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    That's awesome mama! *insert jealous smiley here*

    Just curious... do you work in a hospital or healthcare? Seems to me like hospitals are more inclined to have a lactation room than most other employers... After baby #2 is born this October, I will have to scope out a new place to pump here at work... the private office I used to use to pump (which was previously vacant) is now occupied, so that is something I'll have to work on.

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    Isn't it great? We have those facilities at my employer as well (a large financial services company). There is a private lactation room on each floor. It is inside one of the restrooms and you have to have special badge / card access to get into the lactation room (as approved by the occupational health department). There is a refrigerator, carpeted floor, table/chair, sink, it's great. I'll be using it when I return from my upcoming maternity leave! We are very fortunate to have such facilities.
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    I'm a nurse of maternity floor and we have a pumping room. It is really nice, it has 2 recliners a couch and a tv. They also supply the pumps so we have 2 symphony pumps and one lactina. Very nice.
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