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    Good Morning, I Have A Few Questions
    My Son Is 4 Months Old Next Week And In The Last 2 Weeks He Has Been Eating More And We Used Up All The Extra Milk I Had Frozen For Him. My Problem Is I Am Not Getting That Much Milk When I Pump

    I Started To Take Fenugreek(oregon’s Wild Harvest 1500mg) On Monday I Took 3 Pills 3 Times A Day And Yesterday I Took 3 Pills 5 Times. I Read That Some People Might Need To Take More And That If U Don’t Smell Like It Ur Not Taking Enough. Well I Don’t Smell Like It And It Does Not Seem To Be Working. I Also Read That If U Take Too Much It Can Have The Opposite Effect. L I Just Don’t Know What To Do. When I Pump I Only Get One Ounce Out Of Each Side. And He Drinks About 6 Oz From A Bottel. I Bought The Mothers Tea But I Have Only Have 3 Glasses. And I Ordered Blessed Thistle, All They Had At The Health Food Stores Was Mother Thisitle But I Read That It Was Not The Same As The Blessed Thistle. So I Wam Hoping It Comes In Soon So I Can Start Taking That.

    This Is How My Day Yesterday Was

    7am Nursed

    9am Pumped 2oz

    11am 2 Oz

    1pm 2 Oz

    3pm 2 Oz

    5pm Nursed

    6:30pm Nursed

    8pm Nursed

    11pm Pumped 2 Oz

    3:30am Pumped Nothing

    6am Pumped 2.3 Oz

    7am Nursed (but Im Not Sure He Got Much)

    What I Pump During The Day I Take To My Babysitter For The Following Day. She Said She Will Give Him About 4.5 Oz At Lunch And He Still Seems Hungry Then At 2 She Gives Him Whatever She Has Left From What I Took Her. And What I Pump During The Night By Husband Gives Him In The Morning But He Also Says He Still Seems Hungry.

    I Bf My First Son With No Problems Ever However I Was Home With Him His First Year And Now With My Second Son I Just Returned Back To Work For About 1.5 Months. It Is So Hard I Just Dontknow What To Do. I Do Not Want To Starve My Son But I Do Not Want To Supplement With Formula.

    Please Please Please Help Me

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    have you tried having the sitter and your DH give smaller bottles, 1.5-2 oz each feeding and follow up with other soothing methods?
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