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Thread: Weaning himself?

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    Default Weaning himself?

    My son is 9 1/2 months old. We use to nurse 7-8 times a day. Then he decided he didn't want to be nursed to sleep around 6 months. Then he cut out another afternoon nursing at about 7 months. Then we got on a solid 5 nursing sessions a day. Now he's been doing only 4 nursing sessions the past few weeks. He doesn't eat many solids and I try to give him the breast but he will bite when he is not interested Could he be weaning himself? I am hoping to make it a year...

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    No. Babies don't wean themselves that young. 4x a day is normal for a 9 month old, he can get enough milk that way. Babies that age tend to get a lot more distractable so will spend less time at the breast, either cutting out nursings or nursing for only a few minutes at a time. But they are also very good at removing milk so he's probably getting more than you think. I kept offering the breast before solids till mine were about a year. As long as he's gaining weight well try not to worry about how much solids he's eating.

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    Yes and no, but not yes the way your thinking! PP is right that babies that young don't normally wean themselves (it's usually a strike, if they quit nursing, not true weaning). However, as soon as you offer solids your starting the weaning process. It can last YEARS though, so no worry to get to a year, I'm sure you'll make it!
    It's the normal course of things!

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    What you have described sounds very normal for a baby your son's age. Sometimes, especially when baby starts learning more and more about the world around him, he will become easily distracted. Other things just look more interesting. However, he will nurse when he's hungry and really wants to! Also, you may find that, in a few days or weeks, he will return to nursing more frequently. It could be a nursing strike, in which case it will pass within just a few days, but it sounds like he is just getting older and growing through one of the many phases you will encounter throughout his childhood! It sounds like you are following his cues, which is exactly what you've been doing since his birth. You're doing a great job!

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