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Thread: How long till they're done?

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    Default How long till they're done?

    My twins are 27 months old. They have slowly been dropping nursings since last summer. When they started skipping one on a regular basis I've cut it out, and now we're down to one. Even that they only want every other day or so. If they go a couple days without nursings, it kind of hurts when they nurse again, and I was wondering, how long did yours keep up the nursing when you got down to not nursing every day?

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    When weaning my dd recently ( at 22 months old) .. I dropped her to 2 feedings/day for about 2 weeks, then she was down to one feeding a day for about a week.. then every other day ( we only did this twice) and then I told her it was all done. I did the every other day mostly for me.. I wanted to see how she did going a whole day without nursing and I wanted to make sure I didn't get full ( which I doubted would happen because I am pregnant and my supply was low anyway) So to answer your question I did the every other day nursing only twice.... and she did fine. I figured if she can go a whole day without asking for it than its not that important to her anyways. Good luck with the rest of the weaning process. Sounds like you are almost there!!! and for nursing twins that long!!!

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