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Thread: Need advice - weaning/tandeming??

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    I'm presently nursing my 20 month old DD & 6 week old DS. I'd planned to nurse her at least until she's 2 years old or maybe beyond, if it was manageable. Now, I'm thinking of weaning her. So, the questions are to wean or just to limit her more & how to do either. I've read Adventures in tandem nursing & How weaning happens, but I just need more advice/ opinions specific to my family.

    The problem I'm having with tandeming is that my daughter is insatiable. She wants to nurse more than my newborn and has fits if I say no or wait, etc. Cries big tears, etc., but for example - this morning when she got up, she nursed for over an hour. Then 15 minutes later was asking for more & had a fit when I said no. Obviously, I can just let her have fits, but it's exhausting because this goes on all day & she's very difficult to distract. She's always loved nursing so I can't imagine how I'd get her down to once or twice a day, which would be more manageable. What to do & how? Should I assume this is part of her transition to the new baby & if so, how long would you expect it to continue, how would you deal with it now, etc.....



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    I replied to your other post

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    What about wearing the baby in a sling so she can nurse while you play with your older child? That way dd1 might not feel left out of nursing sessions and might not be able to see that the baby is on the breast. I would suggest putting housework on the back burner and give your toddler constant attention for a while. Plan ahead for your day and think of non-nursing activities you can do with her. Maybe she'll think of it less if you have a ton of things planned.
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