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Thread: how do you wean when you pump exclusively?

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    Default how do you wean when you pump exclusively?

    how do you wean when you're pumping exclusively?

    can anyone give me advice on how to wean when pumping exclusively? i have a 21 month old and want to wean due to pregnancy b/c i've been having some spotting for a few weeks now. i have always had a mega supply and it has recently decreased some since the PG. but, i am still pumping about 36 - 40 ounces a day - i pump 3 times a day - about 16 ounces in the morning, 10 ounces in the afternoon, and 12 ounces in the evening before bed. it takes me 30 - 60 minutes to pump each session.

    can anyone recommend how i might begin the weaning process? obviously i would like to wean ASAP due to pregnancy spotting (which yes i know can be normal but i've had a miscarriage before), but i know common sense says that weaning too quickly could bring problems with engorgement and infections, etc. so any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks so much!

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    Default Re: how do you wean when you pump exclusively?

    You did say you totally wanted to wean right? When I weaned my first, I just gradually decreased the amount of time. So if you pump 30 min now, decrease to 20 or 25 and then just go slowly down from there. You will probably be slightly engorged for a while (I was), but then I adjusted. Then I went down to only pumping twice a day, then once, then only to relieve engorgement. Then my milk finally dried up.

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    Default Re: how do you wean when you pump exclusively?

    Wow, that is a long time to be pumping (30-60 minutes)! Good for you!
    Anyway, I exclusively pumped with my 1st ds and like you, after a miscarriage, I decided to wean as soon as I became pregnant again. My supply decreased a LOT, pretty much from the moment of conception, so that really aided in the weaning process . But otherwise, I just gradually decreased the number of pumpings per day. I think at the time I was pumping 4 times a day, for 10 minutes each. I just spaced out the pumpings more (I can't remember how long this took, but I think it was about a week), until I was only pumping once a day. I only pumped once a day for 2 days, and then I just let it dry up. During all this, I still only pumped for 10 minutes at each session. I didn't experience any engorgement at all, but like I said it could've been due to the pregnancy hormones.

    Good luck!!

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