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Thread: need some help with milk supply

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    Default need some help with milk supply

    my lil one is 3 weeks and my milk production has plumited. i pumped once today and all i got out was 1 ounce and they havent even started to become ingorged yet. baby isnt even wantin to eat off of em. i need some help!!

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    Default Re: need some help with milk supply

    The amount you pump has nothing to do with your supply... the pump doesn't work as well as baby.

    How is baby's output (# of wet diapers)
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    well she does about 5 or 6 and has started sleepin thru the night so there shld prolly be a couple more if she were to wake up. shes nursed twice evryday and they're still not producung much more.

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    Default Re: need some help with milk supply

    If you are concerned about milk production, I think the best things you can do are to 1) contact a lactation consultant and 2) wake your baby to nurse at night.

    Your baby is having the right number of wet diapers. How are her poops? Is she having several a day? And what do they look like- are they yellow and curdy or green and watery?

    Not becoming engorged is not a sign of a supply problem, and neither is only getting an ounce or so from pumping. Pumps are less effective than babies at removing milk, and not all pumps are created equal: some are more effective than others.

    How is nursing going? Is baby nursing willingly at the breast? Is she falling asleep there? Are you supplementing with formula, and if so, how are you doing it (via bottle, finger feed, supplemental nursing system, etc.)? How has her weight gain been? How does nursing feel for you- are you in any pain?

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    I just got back from the pediatrician with my 4-month old and his weight gain has plummeted. One of the strong recommendations from the doctor is to wake him up to feed as the previous note says. Don't let him go without feeding for longer than 6 hours.

    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: need some help with milk supply

    What does yellow & curdy v. green and watery indicate? My LO has green & watery.

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