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Thread: lack of vitamin d supplement

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    Default lack of vitamin d supplement

    I have not been consistant with supplementing vitamin d to my 12 month baby. He is measuring @27 and a half to 28 inches in length. My 12 month appt is next thursday. I only really noticed because I went to a b-day party for another 1 year old and my son seemed shorter.

    Is his height due to lack of vit d? Is it reversable?

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    Default Re: lack of vitamin d supplement

    I can understand your concern though it is very unlikely an issue of not supplementing. Every baby grows at different rates. It's just the nature of the game. Just like you're not as tall as everyone else... (not really possibly is it )

    This resoruce talks a bit more about supplementation

    for what it's worth I never supplementing my oldest children when they were babies or toddlers (not until the got to puberty really) and the eldest (my girl) is 14 years old and 5' 9" - My 13 year old son is 5' 8".
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    Default Re: lack of vitamin d supplement

    I've never given a vit. d supplement to my 22 month old and she refuses to drink cow's milk, so she gets vitamin d from the little that's in my milk and from yogurt. Humans were intended to make vitamin d from exposure to the sun! If your baby gets even incidental exposure every day or a few minutes of exposure every couple days, he will make enough vitamin D.
    Ok, he seems shorter? The only way to tell is by measuring him by laying him down and stretching a string from head to toe. Plus, even if you are comparing this measurement to what the doc said last time, if he squirmed while being measured, the number could be off.
    Try not to worry, especially since you give him an occasional supplement (humans store vitamin d, it doesn't come out in our urine like vitamin c).
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    Default Re: lack of vitamin d supplement

    Without any other info - I'd guess your LO's size has more to do with genetics.

    The info on Kellymom linked above has lotsof great info, but has not been updated to include the latest recommendations on Vit D.

    LLLI info on Vit D & breastfed babies

    For many years, La Leche League International has offered the research-based recommendation that exclusively breastfed babies received all the vitamin D necessary through mother’s milk. Health care professionals now have a better understanding of the function of vitamin D and the amounts required, and the newest research shows this is only true when mothers themselves have enough vitamin D. Statistics indicate that a large percentage of women do not have adequate amounts of vitamin D in their bodies.
    Latest info is that MOST people are Vit D deficient.

    Personally - I wouldn't worry if I missed some days. But I'm now a big fan of Vit D supplements.
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    Default Re: lack of vitamin d supplement

    They say it's all nutrition for the first 6 months and all genetics after that. Are you and your DH smaller? I am petite (5 feet) and DH is 5'7". DS seemed to be losing percentiles with each dr. appt. on his growth charts for weight and height. I started wondering about the vitamin D myself...my stepsister's baby had 6 lbs. and 4 inches on my then 12 month old, and he was only 3 months older. Her son was weaned at 7 months, but he was always a ravenous eater. Mine is still BFing a little bit at 15 months, and has never been a huge eater. Yesterday we went to the doc, and Will is still 9% for weight, but grew 2 inches in the past 3 months , and jumped to 50% for height (up from 20%). Pedi has no concerns, since he is developmentally normal and growing just fine. Will always seems small compared to other kids, but he's definitely doing great, and we are smaller, so it's to be expected.

    Bottom line: don't stress. Offer healthy, nutritious food often, offer stuff with vitamin D and get outside, keep BFing and make sure your D levels are good. He's probably fine and will surprise you with a growth spurt - mine did!
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