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Thread: Bottles,, what kind?

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    Default Bottles,, what kind?

    What kind of bottles do you working mamas use while you are away from baby? Recently, LO is refusing the Dr. Brown's that we have been using this whole time since my maternity leave ended. I have heard great things about Gerber Nuk bottles,,, anyone here use them?
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    we use Gerber Nuk orthodontic and thats the only ones DS will take. They are supposed to be more humanly shaped, so maybe he will take them. My DS refused every other nipple.
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    We have used the platex nursers and the first years breastflow... I hear nuby has a new "just like mom" bottle as well I have been wanting to test out.

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    My 6.5mo currently decided to only take NUK orthodontic teats. The ones meant for newborns. I bought new ones meant for 6months up, but he played with it and pushed it to the side of his mouth hehe

    I recently got bpa-free bottles from evenflo n Mams. They work great. maybe you could try those?

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    I use playtex and LO has always done well with them. I use both the laytex and the silicone nipples.

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