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Thread: Engorged after abrupt weaning; need help.

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    Default Engorged after abrupt weaning; need help.

    My daughter is 11 months old and I had a 4 day vacation scheduled so I figured it would be an alright time to wean from the breast. She takes a bottle fine when her father and I have date night and such. So, she is perfectly weaned. I on the other hand am not doing so well. I am very engorged. Wearing a sports bra and nursing pads. Using lansinoh, cabbage, anything! I feel as though I have implants. I am usually small chested, about an A and am busting out of a C at the moment. I don't want to get an infection (which I read may happen during engorgement) nor do I want stretch marks bc of the increased size or sagginess. Any suggestions? It has been 6 days, and about 5 days since I last used my medela or hand expressed.

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    Default Re: Engorged after abrupt weaning; need help.

    You can get some green cabbage at the store, break the center vein or crush it with a rolling pin and put that in your bra until it wilts and then do it again.

    Peppermint oil also reduces supply, you pretty much have to pop altoids all day to see a difference though.

    You might try leaning over a bowl of warm water with a tablespoon of table salt in the bowl, that should feel good. Just put both breasts in the water, that usually works good sitting down at your kitchen table. It might cause a let down, which would be good. Don't worry about removing a little bit of milk!

    Also you can take ibuprofen to help with the swelling!

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    Default Re: Engorged after abrupt weaning; need help.

    I would suggest you pump just enough to relieve the engorgement and make yourself comfortable. You may have to continue to do this for a while, but without ever emptying your breast- or getting close to it- you will signal your body to make less and less milk. You will be able to space out the pumping more and more and eventually stop.
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    Default Re: Engorged after abrupt weaning; need help.

    I also would suggest pumping just enough to relieve the engorgement, which will tell your body to make less and less milk. A gradual process will be much more comfortable for you and will make it less likely that you'll get mastitis.

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