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Thread: Playtex Embrace & Avent IQ Duo

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    Question Playtex Embrace & Avent IQ Duo

    I'm looking at getting the Playtex Embrace double pump but wanted to find out if anyone has this pump and if they like it? Does it get good suction and is it easy to clean? How efficient is it and how easy is it to use? I looked at the Avent ISIS IQ Duo as well and decided against it because I have had the manual Avent before and found it difficult to put together, never could get suction from it. For anyone who has that one what are your opinions on that? Is it the same as the manual or better? Worth the money?



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    Check out this thread. I answered the questions you have about the Avent there. I coudn't tell you whether it is worth the $$$ b/c I haven't used any other pump but I can say I like the Avent a lot.

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    I haven't heard good reviews on the playtex pump.

    I have heard that pumps made by companies who produce formula and/or formula feeding products (ie, bottles, etc.) are designed to fail. The company makes more money from selling formula/bottles than they do if a mom breastfeeds.

    An Ameda Purely Yours isn't much more than the playtex (Without the tote, it's $150, with the tote $195) and it is rated to be as good as a Medela. Something to look in to maybe?

    Good luck!

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