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    I have a 4 week old who only nurses about 7 times a day if I wake him up every three hours during the day to nurse. He goes anywhere from 4 to 6 hour stretch between nursing at night. My peditrician says to wake him every 3 hours during the day and every 4 at night. When I do that he seems fussy and does eat as well. Is it really necessary? He is gaining weight fine and poops and pees plenty. Help everyone is telling me something different.

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    The kellymom.com site says that you can feed on baby's cues once a good weight gain pattern is established. The general recommendations given to you by your doctor are repeated here, but the weight gain and "output" (pees and poops) are good signs that your LO is getting enough.


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    Go w/your gut. You will get a bunch of different info on this. If your looking for permission to let your baby sleep amd set his own schedule....your in luck! I fully believe in letting sleeping babies Lie. Especially the ones w/ the right amount of wet and dirty diapers and that have been gaining well! Little advice from the future...DON'T get TOO USED to ANYTHING around sleep!!! My son when he was that age slept like 20 hrs a day. Started sleeping thru the night at five weeks and did that until teeth started giving him trouble. Now at 8months. He protests if I ever try to nurse him down anywhere but the bedroom and wakes up if he hears the bed springs squeak! (That means I'm leaving!) If I can get him to nap 3x aday for an hour each time it's been an amazing day!!! So let your baby sleep. And relish,cherish and ENJOY this time when you can get stuff done. (Including rest). But don't expect it to last. Then you won't be frusterated when it doesn't!!!

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