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Thread: Out for 3.5 days

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    Due to work reasons, I will be out for 3.5 days. My baby will be 17 months by then. He breastfeeds about 5 times a day (including nights), and I am quite proficient about expressing milk (I have lots of frozen milk), so I am not concerned about my milk production when I am back. What really concerns us is: will he refuse breastfeeding when I am back? Please let me know about your experiences of being some days out (i.e., appart from your baby/toddler) and the consequences of this on breastfeeding.

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    I was away from my DD back in February for 6 days. She was 18mos at the time. She didn't receive any expressed milk while I was gone (haven't had a stash for quite some time and she takes water and cow's milk w/out issue) and DH didn't have any real issues with putting her down at night and she didn't ask for BM at all while I was gone. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Two months later we are still nursing. She had no problem returning to the boob. I think if you want to continue to nurse your son you'll be able to.
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