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Thread: HELP!!! Green poop and OALD.

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    Default HELP!!! Green poop and OALD.

    Okay so here's the story...two weeks ago my inlaws came into town and I pumped after feedings for a couple days to have some breastmilk in storage so my DH and I could go on a date. Since then the LO has had bright green poop with mucous and intermittent blood streaks. We took him to the pedi today, and they recommended to eliminate dairy and eggs which I am going to do, but I'm also block feeding to help my OALD and what I think is foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.

    My question is how long does it take for block feeding to correct the imbalance? Right now we've been block feeding for 48 hours in 3 hour blocks. LO is 6 weeks old and before the pumping he was having normal yellow, seedy poops.

    Any help or additional suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Default Re: HELP!!! Green poop and OALD.

    Did his poop test positive for blood at the ped? If not, I think I might give the block feeding a few more days to see if that corrects the problem before you start eliminating things from your diet.

    We went through the mucousy stool / blood thing with G when he was just over 4 months old. I was already block feeding - so we think i was either an infection or excess saliva from teething. We had several bloody stools before we saw our ped., but the sample the day we saw her came back negative -- so she suggested waiting a week before I eliminated any foods. It had cleared up by then.

    Here's a link to Kellymom article on OALD. It says it can take a couple of weeks for your supply to regulate itself. I would think waiting that out w/ green poops would be okay -- although I don't think I would wait a couple weeks if you keep seeing blood.

    Hopefully a mama who ha BTDT just w/ oversupply can chime-in soon.

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    Default Re: HELP!!! Green poop and OALD.


    On my side, I had enough milk for 2 and a half LOs. After 2 months of this I stopped pumping (was pumping 1x day) and did 12 hour blocks for a week. My supply got a little lower than I wanted (all of a sudden) but it came back up easily. I became very engorged on the side I wasn't block feeding and would tweak the nipple into a towel during let down. Fun fun. If you are not noticing a decrease on your supply, I'd think about increasing the block time.
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