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Thread: breastshield size?

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    Question breastshield size?

    How would I be able to tell what size breastshield that I need for my pump? I noticed in another thread that a video can be looked at medela's site but need further help..

    Is there a way to know before I go out and buy a new shield what size I will need? should my entire nipple fit nicely in the tunnel without rubbing any of the surrounding tunnel?

    When I pumped (after watching the video clip) it looks like the entire nipple doesn't fit in the tunnel without rubbing on the top or bottom. I am looking at buying a pump that if I do need to buy a larger shield or even replace it I can..

    My current one is "on the go" by avent.. and it is an all in one piece where the shield isn't separate from the rest.. any suggestions would be so helpful.. I don't think my pump is suited for me as I don't get much milk from it. once in a great while I am lucky to get 2+ oz out of a pump session. I think once I actually got 3.5 oz. so it is hard to get any reserve for the freezer so that if I am gone my dh can feed my dd or if we go somewhere and I need to feed her that way.. because I can't really get a reserve going my dh wants to use formula if need to be (he can be supportive but not always understanding must be a man thing lol)

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    Default Re: breastshield size?

    I use the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. I would definately recommend it. It is a great pump. I get as much milk with this pump as I do with the Medela Lactina (Hospital grade pump). You can get different size breast shields too.
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