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Thread: 3 mo son sleep 10-12h @ night, how often do I need to pump?

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    Question 3 mo son sleep 10-12h @ night, how often do I need to pump?


    I have returned to work for about a month now. I try and squeeze in at least 1 pump session during the whole shift. But I noticed that every time I pump at work i seem to get plugged ducts. I feel as the pumps at work ( i work in the hospitial ) are ineffective.

    Also I work 12 hour shift at night and my son sleeps about the same amount of hours. How often should I be pumping at work since I know my son doesn't feed during those times anymore?

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 3 mo son sleep 10-12h @ night, how often do I need to pump?

    I work 12 hour shifts at a hospital too, right now at night but I'll be switching to days. I pump twice during a twelve hour shift (I have NO problems with supply right now). He doesn't take all the milk I pump most nights (or anywhere close), but my job is stressful and with the crazy hours, I'm super-neurotic about maintaining supply. I freeze what he doesn't eat, on the theory that I might need it later. I used to pump three times in a shift, but I was producing so much it was kind of ridiculous. Maybe you're getting plugged ducts from not pumping enough, or from your horns not fitting right?? Also, I always use my own pump b/c you have to schedule time on the hospital ones, and that is impossible for me. I use a Medela PISA, and love it.

    Sorry, these thoughts are sort of random. Hope this helps.

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