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    Two questions that I had about pumping...

    I have a double electric pump, but for the past several months I have found it more efficient to hand pump no problem. However I have started school and I think my milk supply is decreasing, and was wondering if this has anything to do with hand pumping. My son is seven months old now.

    Also does anyone have any insight on breastfeeding exclusively while attending a university full time? I find that it's not very storage friendly. :-)

    Thanks for any insight on this

    P.S. I want to continue for a year but starting in June I will be away from my son for about 12 hours at a time. Is this possible?

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    I don't know why the hand pump would affect supply differently than the electric pump, IF you are pumping the same amount at the same frequency. If your supply is down, I would consider adding another pumping session-an empty breast signals the body to make more milk-and nursing your baby as much as possible when you are together. There are also supplements you can take-check out the "increasing your milk" forum.
    I nursed my DD1 while attending college full time. You can certainly do it if you plan your schedule accordingly to give yourself time to pump. I actually spoke to a couple of profs about it, making sure it was okay if I showed up late/left early so that I could pump if I had back-to-back classes.
    As for storage, you have 3 options: (1) cooler (2) shared refrigerator (if available) (3) room temp (as long as milk is not left out for more than ~8 hours). I think Medela (and probably other companies) makes a compact milk bottle cooler that might fit in your backpack or whatever.
    Good luck! It is possible!


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    ITA!!!! The cooler pack was going to be my suggestion. The stress of starting school may have a dip in supply. If you are really concerned try eat oatmeal and see if that helps.
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    Lots of women find a dip in their supply when they return to work or school. Just keep pumping as often as your lo would nurse and your supply should return to normal.

    It is most definetly possible to continue nursing when you are away from your lo for 12 hours at a time. No specfic advice, but I know lots of mammas here do and they'll be around to chime in.

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