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Thread: Lactose overload?

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    Default Lactose overload?

    Hi there,

    I've posted in a few other forums but would like to throw out my issue here and see what kind of suggestions I can get. Any help is appreciated.

    My DS is 8 weeks old and thriving. He's gaining a pound a week, wetting/soiling appropriately but has terrible gas that usually occurs at night.

    I was exclusively breastfeeding until this past Friday. From the start, I had a strong letdown, my breast harden up and it actually hurts quite a bit. I would also frequently have a second letdown within 15 min of feeding. My LO was usually feeding 10-15 min. per breast, emptying each but was still hungry all the time. I cut out dairy (I am fairly lactose intolerant myself), eggs and citrus with no luck.

    Note- I had started pumping 4 weeks ago to build up my milk stores for an upcoming procedure I have to have and needed a 5 day supply- so that might have compounded the issue.

    Well in the last 2 weeks, he was wanted to constantly feed. Almost every hour or half hour it seemed. He was screaming in the meantime and the only time he was quiet was when he was on the breast. He was fussing near the end of a feeding and again, super gassy, explosive pooping (one time it shot about 4 ft across the room) but the stool was normal color and consistency, but he got a wicked diaper rash a couple of times. I tried block feeding on my own, but that didn't help, he just seemed hungry and it felt like my breast never 'refilled'.

    I told all this to the pediatrician who thought it was a OALD/oversupply issue and told me to pump a little before each feeding so he gets more hindmilk, sit him more upright and give him Maalox or Mylicon as needed up to 3 times a day. That worked for about 3-4 days, then he was right back at it. So then she said maybe I wasn't producing enough and/or he just wants to comfort suck and I was overfeeding him- pump and bottlefeed to see how much he's getting so that you don't overfeed him, max of 6 oz every 2 hrs. On his demand, he was getting 5 oz about every 3 hours.

    Now, when I am pumping I empty both breasts, getting about 3 oz per breast each session, which I put in a bottle and give to him.

    He was doing great, still gassy but not hungry all the time. But today he is again seeming hungry and is wanted to eat every 2 hrs. He is also super gassy and screaming. I am at a loss as to what to try now. I am using the Playtex Ventaire advanced bottles (that vent from the bottom to help with gas) with a slow flow nipple and burping him several times during the feeding. It takes him about 25 min. to finish, so he's not going too fast. He isn't really interested in the breast anymore, although he has taken it for a 'snack' here and there when I knew he wasn't ready for a full feeding. It is killing me to hear him scream in pain and his farts are louder than mine!

    When reading about lactose overload, he seems to meet all the criteria except for the watery/green stools. They are also not foul smelling, but more cheesy in odor.

    Do you think I should start pumping and toss some of the foremilk, then continue pumping and give him the rest in a bottle?

    I'm open to any suggestions. We have another doctors appt. on 4/2 and we'll see what they say this time, but in the meantime I need help (and sleep....)
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    Default Re: Lactose overload?

    I replied in your other thread as well. You are starting to have bottle preference. You are producing a great amount of milk - I pump about three total. I would ditch the bottles. Your DS it seems has reflux. I will come back later and post more info. Net is dairy protein not lactose is what babies are sensitive to so it's necessary to cut all dairy, even lactose free dairy to see if baby is sensitive. It usually takes a few days to see improvement but it can stay in your system for over two weeks.

    Can't your doctor prescribe reflux medicine to alleviate the pain?

    ETA: you can't overfeed a BF baby. When they are full they switch to comfort sucking. Is DS still fussy when he drinks from the bottle?
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