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    Hi, Im new here. I am hoping you can help! I hope this isnt too long, Im providing a background history

    My baby is 2.5 months old, and he has since birth received a combination of BM and formula. As of late he has been diagnosed with Reflux and is on Zantac and a special formula with rice added.

    Prior to this we were BF as well as pumping and mixing with the formula. As the reflux worsened (before diagnosis) He was not nursing well, and would spit up most of what he ingested. After the Ped. advised we add cereal to the formula, I kept pumping, but held off on the BF.

    I am going back to work very soon, and although Im in the process of weaning, we would like to BF/Pump at least 2x a day for as long as I can.

    Now my problem:

    Generally whats pumped today is consumed tomorrow. For a few days I was only pumping, but not giving it to the baby. (with the reflux issue) but since getting the goahead from the Ped to also add rice to the BM We went back to mixing BM with the formula today.

    After fixing a fresh bottle my son would eat about 1/2 and then start to refuse the bottle. I thought he was full until i tasted it, it was very very sour.

    I thought that particular bottle had BM that maybe was sour, so i discarded that days pump for a newer pump (all of them are from the last 3 or so) I tasted the BM and it was fine. After repeating the above processes (mixing with formula, and heating) the result was the same. Initially it was ok when warmed (i tasted it) but as the bottle started to cool, it soured.

    Why would this happen? And is there something I can do? Although I would like to BF, if the reflux is preventing this, I would at least like to be able to mix so he can get some BM and its benefits... But the souring is making him refuse it..

    Please help!

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    Hello, I am sorry you are having such troubles. I have been searching the internet for help and cannot find anything but I still want to help you somehow! My LO has mild reflux but I never put him on cereal eventhough the ped recommended. I had read somewhere in my research that it does not really help them and babies cannot digest the cereal anyway so it passes right through them. That is just how we handled it. We have had to give him formula for other reasons though but we never mixed it with BM. My suggestion would be to give either the formula first and then a separate bottle of BM or the other way around. I have tasted one type of formula and I could not swallow it as it was too disgusting but unfortunately it helps him when he needs it. Maybe the combination of the two is making the sour taste but it may work better if you gave them separately. Is your BM fine after it sits around or after it is chilled? Some women have problems with liptase that makes milk sour quickly. If you search this site for liptase you can find out more. I hope you are able to find a good solution for you LO. I know it is hard not know how to help them and wanting to give them the best start! Hang in there. The right answer will come.
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    It sounds like you could have a lipase issue. I haven't had this problem, but there's lots of great info here http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/l...essedmilk.html and here http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...ghlight=lipase. If you post again with the word "lipase" in your title, you'll probably hear from a bunch of mamas who've gone through the same thing, too. !!
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