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Thread: Partial Weaning?

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    Default Partial Weaning?

    Anyone else BF only a few times a day (e.g. morning and night)?

    I'm finding it increasingly hard to get pumping sessions in at work and my production is also slowing down, so I'm considering dropping the daily pumping and just feeding my LO when I'm home and using my frozen supply/formula for day care.

    Anyone else doing that kind of schedule? Any tips, ideas?

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    Imma to AA, born at home 11/12/07 , juggling , working, APing , cloth diapering , - and . I'm done - yay!


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    Default Re: Partial Weaning?

    How old is baby now?

    I think that I stopped pumping at work when my son was about 10-11 months old. (but boy was I ready to nurse when I got home!) When he was 3-7 months I pumped 2-3 time in my 10 hr day. Then I just went to pumping once a day. I still nursed on demand in the evening and on weekends.

    I found it hard to pump at work. I worked outside and sometimes I would have to sit in the rain and just lean back on a tree and pump. It is so worth it. For a while I supplemented and he got constipated for the iron in the formula. That was motivation to keep pumping.

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    I pumped until DD was about 14mos old. We still nurse to bed and naps on weekends.
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    Default Re: Partial Weaning?

    I do/have done this for months. I have always had to formula supplement (I have never made more than 1.5 oz per feeding). I did pump for a while but stopped when I was not making more than 1.5oz per pump day/three sessions. At that point the stress of pumping was no longer worth it. We still nurse when I am home. At this point I have no idea how much BM he gets but it is still better than none. I do not think I would have stopped pumping if I could have pumped enough for my LO.
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    Default Re: Partial Weaning?

    My DS is approaching a year and my supply is slowly dropping when I pump. I think I'm going to gradually cut my pumping sessions from 3 to 2 and then 1 as I introduce cow's milk...(after a year). I'm still going to continue to nurse in the morning and at night (and on weekends) until I (and my son) feel ready to give it up. So essentially he'll be getting milk at daycare during the day and mommy's milk at home.
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    How old is your child? That will play a huge part in what may work best for you.

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