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Thread: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

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    Default Re: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

    Yep, my DD tapered off around 9 months, too. She's gained like 2 lb. since then and she's going 17 months. But since she's healthy in every other way, I'm not concerned.

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    Default Re: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

    again, we feel better. thanks so much for your caring responses. we will just keep BF and trying what we can with food. we do avocado pieces, banana chunks, cheese chunks, the Super Porridge from the Baby Superfood book, yogurt - and we make a lot of smoothies/ purees which i add all of the above as well as blueberries, mango, peach and olive oil to. but truthfully, most of it ends up in the dog's mouth instead of the baby's! she just really isn't that interested and tosses a lot on the floor.
    thanks again! i'm new to this web site, although familiar with lll, and your kind responses have been so helpful and supportive! much much appreciated!

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    Default Re: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

    I have a lean baby too - and he is not much interested in "food" food. When he went in for his 9 mo check I was worried at how little he had gained (very little) His pedi said it was normal at this age because of the huge amounts of energy they are expending (they are sooo active - in that time DS had also started walking and big milestones like that often mean less weight gain). We went back a few weeks later (darn ear infection) and he had put on 2.5 lbs. We had apparently gone just before a growth spurt!

    Another issue is the growth chart your Dr is using. Is it for formula or BF babies - they have very different growth patterns after about month three. You should be able to find the WHO growth charts (for BF babies on kellymom.com) and plot your LO's growth yourself - you might find no slippage down the percentiles.
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    You ladies have no idea how comforting it was to come across this thread.

    I have a baby girl turning 1 on June 19th, and till now, she has not expressed any interest in solids. I tried with fresh puree, bottled baby food, processed baby cereal, fruits, etc - basically anything and everything you can think of. She'll eat a bite of everything and refuse anything thereafter.

    She has her favourites - like banana, and codfish. but she'll take about 2 more spoons and her mouth clamps shut, and she starts to play with the spoon.

    As you can imagine, she's really thin too. She weighs in at 13 pounds today, and is in the 3rd percentile.

    Do you guys go through the same headaches, and heartaches when it comes to feeding them? Are they just fussy eaters? And will they really just start eating one day?

    awfully wistful

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    Default Re: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

    Hi Beth

    My daughter's a funny one! She puts teething biscuits into her mouth, but when it comes to mushy stuff like avocado or papaya, she'd play with it with her fingers, and it'd almost always never makes it way to her mouth.

    I've found that she eats rice crackers and little bits of wholewheat toast - and she can finish a quarter slice of toast if i give it to her in little bits. but thats hardly the right nutrition for her. its still worrying as she rejects everything else. Between this month and last, she's only put on 10g!! But she has grown about 5 cm in height, and is meeting all her milestones. Her teeth came a little late, but 4 have sprouted in the last 2 months.

    I feel at a total loss and like a really lousy mother sometimes. It doesn't help when strangers meet her on the street, they think she's only 2 or 3 months old!

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    Default Re: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

    Oh, her ped cleared her for those problems. I guess her weight now is also correlated to her birth weight. She was born weighing 3 pounds. However, its still worrying when she only puts on 10g in a month. Besides, all preemies normally catch up when they're about 3 months old. She didn't hit any growth spurt!

    I did hope that the change to solids would improve her weight gain, but she's rejected them. All I can do now is keep trying, and pray.

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    Default Re: 11 month old very thin & not interested in solids

    Obviously this is not something that works in every situation, and much depends on the practitioner, but we just had a solids miracle in our house using Chinese Medicine. At two years old, my son was still barely eating solids and it was becoming quite worrisome. We found an Acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine Practitioner who specializes in pediatrics and I am not kidding, in one treatment (which did not involve needles at all) he started eating like a regular toddler. He even asks for food, which was totally unheard of before.

    We have been using alternative therapies for various issues our DS has for quite awhile, and while we have seen some improvements, I have never seen an improvement like this one before -- it was truly miraculous. If it is available to you, I highly recommend giving Chinese Medicine and/or Craniosacral Therapy a try -- both, though especially Craniosacral, are quite non-invasive, mostly gentle touch, massage/bodywork, and herbal compounds.

    Best wishes -- I know the comments about size can be so hard. Hang int there, and, as always, know that you are not alone...
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