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Thread: Keep breastfeeding but cut out the bottle of EBM?

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    Talking Keep breastfeeding but cut out the bottle of EBM?

    My DD is 11 mo old, recieves EPM 2-3 bottles 3 days/week while I work. As we approach the 1 year mark I am getting anxious. I am tired of pumping at work for selfish reasons but willing to push through for my DD. But nursing her at home is sometimes...well lets face it exhausting. During the day she is so antsy, moving all around. Generally she likes to lay on a Boppy on my lap in the ready to crawl position and then tries to crawl or move around while latched on. OUCH! If I put her on her side she kicks me and squirms until I let her on her belly. Don't get me wrong she wants to nurse and is latched on while she is doing this. Sometimes when I am sleep deprived and whatever it is kinda frustrating and makes me tense. Generally she prefers to be allowed to lay on the Boppy with my arms around her or rubbing her back or whatever. She seems to be uncomfortable if I actually hold her instead of using Boppy (besides she is getting to heavy to just hold) Any suggestions?

    Also, Grandma who takes care of DD for 3 hours 2 days a week. Says that in general babies should be getting rid of the bottle between 12-18 months old. So how do I cut out the bottle if she is still nursing? I am afraid if we use a sippy cup she won't sit still long enough to drink all the milk she normally drinks from the bottle. She does use a sippy with some water in it after solids to prevent constipation. She has not cut out any of her nursing sessions and does not seem to want to either. I am not looking to force her to wean just want her to do it on her own.

    Please any advise appreciated.
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    Default Re: Keep breastfeeding but cut out the bottle of EBM?

    You can gradually cut back on bottles and give sippies instead, but just keep your other normal nursing sessions. You'll want to do this slowly, gradually and make sure she's getting enough in the sippy.


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    Default Re: Keep breastfeeding but cut out the bottle of EBM?

    Aren't nursing acrobatics fun?! We went through that until around 14 months and then it kind of died out for us.

    Are you going to continue to pump after 12 months, or stop pumping?

    Also, have you tried the straw sippy cup? Sometimes BF babies find the straw one easier to use then the traditional ones.

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