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Thread: Tandem Nursing 19 month and newborn

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    Hi, I am the mom of six children, ages 14, 11, 7, 3, 19 months and 5 weeks!

    I am trying to nurse both my 19 month (I'll call S) and my newborn (I'll call W) and I am continually feeling like it is not working. I knew it would be an adjustment as I had tandem nursed before but with much better success.

    When W was born for the first week or so S nursed when ever W did. I expected this! Then S went back to his just nursing in the morning once. Now this week S has decided he wants to nurse ALL the time. To the point where it hurts me. And when I say we are "all done" he screams and kicks and becomes very upset (a new behavior).

    Now I am not sure how to tell S no when W is already nursing.
    I don't want S to feel left out or that W took his place.

    I think the emotional toll this is taking on me is the worst. I feel like S is sad and I just am not sure what to do about it. I have tried spending time doing other thing with S but all he wants to do is nurse when he is with me.

    Any thoughts, ideas, advice?
    Peace, love and Kindness, Five Flower Mom

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    I don't know if this will help or not, but I have been explaining to my 2 year old that the baby will have no teeth, and all he will have is Mommy milk, because he cannot chew any food. I then talk to him about all the foods that he can eat because he has teeth. I try to think of all his favorite foods, and then emphasize that the baby cannot have any of that, but he can because he is a big boy. Maybe explain to him that he is bigger and stronger, and the baby needs the milk so he can become bigger too...just brainstorming.

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    Default Re: Tandem Nursing 19 month and newborn

    Have you tried limiting his time at the breast? If he is nursing more often than you feel you can handle, it can help emotionally and physically if you give him a limit like only nursing for the duration of a special song.
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    Tried several times to move post to TN forum with no luck. Sorry.

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