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Thread: LO is self-weaning at 12 mo

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    Default LO is self-weaning at 12 mo

    This will be a little long so sorry in advance...

    My LO will be 1 in 2 weeks. I have had supply issues depending on where I am at in my cycle and that has been going on since she was almost 4 mo old. Stressful to say the least. Well I have been working on getting her to take milk out of a sippy cup w/a straw and she has gotten good at it the past week. I decided that I would see what her reaction would be if I didn't nurse her at night b/c I had a feeling she wouldn't ask to nurse if she woke up and just want her binky(we do cosleep). Well my feeling was right, she woke up at least 5-6 times and took her binky and went right back to sleep. I offered the breast at 6 am though so I don't become engorged at all. During the day she hasn't really been asking but will nurse if I offer half the time. I really feel she is self weaning and I am pretty happy about it (it's bittersweet I guess) b/c I am tired of the worry. Nursing all three of my children was never completely enjoyable. Of course I liked it sometimes but it was a major source of stress b/c of my supply issues and refusing to allow my children to have formula(no offense to anyone) meant I constantly had the worry of how many wet diapers yada yada... anyway it's not a strike b/c she will take the breast if offered most of the time. She only nursed 4 times yesterday and usually nurses at least 8 or more. I had a feeling she would be easy to wean compared to my other 2 b/c she loves to drink out of cups and straws, begs for it. She loves cows milk which my other 2 never did initially. I am a little sad but happy that it is her decision b/c I am ready to be done. I am happy that I finally made it to a year along with OS/OALD, undersupply, several nursing strikes, etc even if it's a few months sooner than my other 2. As long as she has her binky and is attached to my hip she doesn't seem to want nursing anymore and I am ok with that.

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    Default Re: LO is self-weaning at 12 mo

    You know she might hang onto a few nursing sessions for a looooong time.

    Congrats on making it to a year again. How wonderful to have nursed 3 children.

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