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Thread: Does your toddler nurse ALOT still as well?

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    Default Re: Does your toddler nurse ALOT still as well?

    I remember when Daniel was 12 months he started nursing like a newborn again!! IT was crazy!!
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    Default Re: Does your toddler nurse ALOT still as well?

    DD is 18 mos and nurses A LOT. She eats a lot of solids, too, so I know a lot of it is about comfort - not just food. She would nurse all day if I let her. I don't plan on weaning, but it's also not feasible for her to nurse ever hour (or more ). Definitely, teething and colds, etc., make it worse, but I've also noticed if I am trying too hard to get something done, she wants to nurse more. So, just giving her more attention helps. Also, at this age, she is more cognitively able to understand some limits (of course we are still working on this). She'll ask to nurse 10 minutes after she just nursed, and I'll remind her that she just nursed and then ask if she wants to read some books or wants some water (sometimes, I think she is just thirsty and forgets that water works as good as milk for this). Anyway, sorry for the long-winded answer. What you are experiencing seems perfectly normal from my perspective!
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    Default Re: Does your toddler nurse ALOT still as well?

    Maybe it is because DD is very independent and loves to just play by herself I can get lots of things done while she's playing in her room or chasing our dog & cat around so maybe shes just trying to reconnect with me for comfert and not so much about feeding.

    Thanks ladies.. I was hoping i wanst the only one nursing a infant/toddler this much

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